Welcome to my cel gallery!
I collect cels from Marmalade Boy, Fushigi Yuugi, Last Unicorn, Lady Georgie and several other series. None of the cels is for sale.
I hope you enjoy your stay. ^_^

News & Updates

8/14/2006I added cels from Aishite Night (including a wishlist cel ^_^), from CCS, and there are 2 beautiful new cels in the misc section.
8/4/2006First part of my Summer Update: Many cels from Captain Tsubasa, 1 from Weiß Kreuz & my first rough Hanken(s) from Yu-Gi-Oh. ^_^
5/22/2006I bought and added my first fancel.
3/16/2006New cels from Kare Kano, Brain Powered, Aishite Night and Marmalade Boy.

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Title Last Updated
A Wind named Amnesia 12/30/2003
Aishite Night 8/14/2006
Ayashi no Ceres 12/30/2003
Brain Powered 3/16/2006
Captain Tsubasa 8/4/2006
Card Captor Sakura 8/14/2006
Care Bears 8/15/2005
Cutey Honey F 12/30/2003
Da! Da! Da! 4/18/2003
Dagwon 8/15/2005
Detective Conan 8/17/2005
Dragoon 12/30/2003
Escaflowne 12/17/2004
Fancels 6/11/2006
Fushigi Yuugi 12/15/2004
GPX Cyber Formula 4/13/2003
Gundam Wing 12/15/2004
Hikari no densetsu 4/21/2003
Inuyasha 8/25/2005
Jeannie 4/23/2003
Jura Tripper 12/17/2004
Kare Kano 3/2/2006
Lady Georgie 3/19/2004
Last Unicorn 8/17/2005
Legend of Zelda 8/18/2005
Magic Knight Rayearth 12/17/2004
Marmalade Boy 3/16/2006
Miscellaneous 8/14/2006
New Angel 8/25/2005
Ohayou Spank 4/23/2003
Ranma 1/2 4/16/2003
Record of Lodoss War 8/9/2003
Reideen 8/5/2003
Robin Hood no daibôken 4/20/2003
Saber Rider / SeiJuushi Bismarck 4/16/2003
Sailor Moon 12/15/2004
Saint Tail 4/20/2003
Shoot 4/21/2003
Tenshi ni narumon 4/18/2003
The Little Mermaid (Disney) 12/17/2004
Thumbelina (Don Bluth) 3/19/2004
Touch 4/23/2003
Venus Wars 12/15/2004
Wedding Peach 4/23/2003
Weiß Kreuz 8/4/2006
X 2/25/2006
Yu-Gi-Oh 8/4/2006

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Gallery Created: 10/3/2002
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